Breaking Bad

Walking Dead, season 1

I just finished Walking Dead, season 1. I know--I'm behind. And while I'm probably the last one who cares to finally get around to watching it, there will be spoilers in this post.

I can't figure this show out. The dialog is cheesy, but earnest. The acting, especially the physical acting and fighting, is not even close (how many times will Rick block Daryl's attempt to murder someone with the swim move football players use to avoid being blocked?). I can't tell if it's plot driven or character driven. I think it's just script driven (i.e. x happened because it was in the script). For example, why did they park so far from the CDC? So that when it blew up in the next episode their vehicles wouldn't melt, obviously.

Bottom line? Zombies, I guess. Based on the show's popularity among friends whose opinions in these matters I respect, I was expecting something more well-crafted (i.e. Lost*, Breaking Bad). Oh well, maybe the future seasons will surprise me.

*I did like the shout out to Lost (if this was intentional) in how they find a single person in a hatch, who has been there alone for some time, and who only lasts about an episode.

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